Nobody Walks in LA…We Beg to Differ

photo courtesy of Los Angeles Confidential
photo courtesy of Los Angeles Confidential

There’s a solid misconception about Los Angelenos – that was only further reinforced by an 80’s hit (from the LA-based band, Missing Persons), that  “nobody walks in L.A.“.  When sizing up our own listings, and the areas of Los Angeles that The Sunset Team specialize in, we beg to differ.


It really comes down to the classic real-estate aphorism when finding a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood:  location, location, location.


While most of our clientele desire privacy and exclusivity -something you typically get in neighborhoods where you have to get in your car more frequently –  the majority of the neighborhoods we feature provide that, while still affording you the desirable ability to  walk to some of the best restaurants, shopping and activities that Los Angeles has to offer.  That connection with community – whether it’s meeting your fellow dog-enthusiasts at the nearby dog park, or being on a first-name basis with the barista at  one of the city’s best specialty-coffee bars –  community matters more and more to today’s home owner.


According to a 2016 study conducted by Redfin, in Los Angeles our  median home price is roughly $475,000, and the overall Walk Score is 66.3. So, if your property’s Walk Score is hovering above 90% (like our currently listed 149 S Edinburgh property – with a Walk Score of 95), with each additional walkability point, you can add an average of $3,948 to the sale price.  Something to consider when evaluating the value of your home,  or working with your realtor to establish a realistic sale price.


Over 80% of The Sunset Team’s active listings all boast a Walk Score of 85 or higher.


Los Angeles is a city that is constantly evolving.  And being able to connect with your community, and not have to hop in a car to do so, is one element that is emerging as a vital quality-of-life component that buyers are seeking.  For sellers and developers?  Well, you can literally walk that (and your dog) all the way to the bank.









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